This is the story of my grandfather Emanuele, the story about his land,
my summers by his side, a big family.
And then, the uncontaminated nature, the forest, the vineyards,
grazing cows, spring waters, contact with nearby farmhouse…
My desire to restart the farm after almost half a century.
By my father’s side, I wish to revive
those lands and continue my grandfather’s legacy,
as he did, as he taught me.

My grandfather, born in 1896, was the heir of a large family of charcoal burners who arrived in Sardinia from Tuscany and became, over time, owners of some large estates, a territory of over 200 hectares.


…that his heart had kept in a drawer, each in its place.
To give the memories back, more alive than ever, when a part of grandfather’s land was handed over to me…

Gallura vineyard In the countryside of Calangianus

The land is 400 m above sea level, facing south-east, within a granite amphitheater and forests of oaks and holm oaks, strawberry trees, junipers, myrtles, cistus…

Pristine and well-ventilated spaces, heritage under the protection of the Gallura forestry. The soil skeleton is rich, granitic and very mineral. That doesn’t require any irrigation, thanks to the numerous aquifers, which influence the currents, creating the right ventilation and an ideal microclimate.

The land is treated according to traditions. The vines are cultivated with low espaliers and are Guyot pruned, without weeding. A method which, through a process of study and research, guarantees the wine the utmost naturalness and quality.

Wine has its own soul made up of history, identity, unmistakable flavors and smells. The wines of Tenuta Paltusa are born from the granite and mineral soils of upper Gallura.

An oasis of unspoiled nature
in the heart of Sardinia

Be inspired for an unforgettable vacation in Sardinia. Meet the beauty of timeless places, between the vineyards and the sea, where nature frames the Tenuta Paltusa.

Vinitaly 5StarWines 2023

The Vinitaly 2023 edition ends with an important recognition for Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superiore Paltusa 2021, which receives a score of 92/100 from the international jury of Vinitaly 5StarWines.